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Domo’s Famous Side Dishes In-Depth

Domo Restaurant is once again first in Denver to offer our guests an On-Line Guide to Domo’s famous country side dishes. Come explore the history, folklore, ingredients and health benefits of over twenty of Domo’s favorite traditional side dishes. Click here to view the guide.

Spring is Almost Here!

Domo Restaurant is famous for its patio garden dining, and we will be opening the patio in March (as soon as the weather permits).

The garden is usually in full bloom by the end of March, so join us for this celebration of spring.

Appetizer Special Includes Free Party Coupons!

Chef’s recommendation for March is Domo’s unique Battara Yaki appetizer.
Small (7 inch) - $4.80  Large (9 inch) - $6.50

Made with flour, egg, flaked maguro tuna and salmon, scallion, onion, lettuce and carrot, topped with seaweed and tempura sprinkles, Domo Battara Sauce and served with a side of Japanese mayonnaise and red pickled ginger.

Battara yaki is a Japanese style “stuffed pancake” which originally was created in 1945 after WWII. After the end of the war, the US brought relief to war-torn Japan in the way of much needed supplies. One of the foods provided by the US military government was flour, which was called merikinko by the Japanese. Bread and other baked goods were a rarity at that time in Japan so this flour was used to make dumplings in a Japanese styled soup called suiton. From the American GI stationed in Japan, the Japanese learned to make pancakes. Adding a Japanese flare to these traditional American “flap jacks”, meats, vegetables and sea foods were added and topped with a sauce made from black market ketchup mixed with soy sauce and shaved bonito flakes. Eventually the popularity of this battara yaki, (served only at Domo in Denver) grew into what is now okonomiyaki served widely throughout Japan. The name battara yaki came from the sound makes when you flip a pancake in the pan in Japan…battara…

At Domo, battara yaki was introduced on our appetizer menu last year and has become a popular favorite.

Through April 10th, with every order of battara yaki, our guests will receive a coupon to attend a spring garden party at Domo FREE OF CHARGE!
One coupon per appetizer order with lunch or dinner order. Party details including April date of party will be listed on the coupon and announced in next month's email newsletter.

March Customer Comment Gift Certificate Winner

Every month Domo holds a drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate to Domo from customers who filled out a customer experience questionnaire. Check the Domo website at to see if you are this month’s winner!

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