Domo Q & A

Domo Hours and Policy

Monday – Sunday
Lunch 11:00 pm. to 2:00 pm.
Dinner 5:00 pm. to 10:00 pm.

Children must be accompanied by an adult while visiting the garden and museum. Please do not leave children unattended during meal time.

Visa and Master Card accepted, sorry no checks.
18% gratuity will be added for parties of six or more.

Q. Why are there no soy sauce, salt and pepper on the tables?
A. At Domo, the foods are specially seasoned to enhance a variety of delicate tastes. Adding additional soy sauce not only adds unneeded sodium but also masks the original tastes created by the chef. Culturally in Japan, it is considered extremely bad manners to put soy sauce on your rice.

Q. Am I supposed to rub my chopsticks together before my meal?
A. Some think that rubbing your chopsticks together before a meal is a Japanese custom meant to remove splinters. In fact, rubbing chopsticks together can encourage more splinters than it actually takes off! This ritual originates from an early Charlie Chaplin movie that was popular in Japan before WWII. In this movie, Charlie Chaplin rubs his knife and fork together as a gesture of culinary anticipation. The Japanese people who were fans of the movie at the time, mimicked this action with their chopsticks. After WWII, American GIs returning from Japan brought this American born custom home again! In Japan today it is not a commonly practiced custom.

Q. Why is Domo’s sushi served differently than in other Japanese restaurants?
A. More than just a type of cuisine, eating sushi has become a boom in the United States. Many who venture into sushi bars or Japanese restaurants do not really understand how to eat sushi properly. Domo’s Head Chef Gaku Homma does the seasoning for you with over ten different flavors to choose from. Each wanko sushi has it’s own unique flavor without over-doing the soysauce and wasabi! Wanko sushi is served in hand sized bowls as a tradition and for your convenience.

Q. Why aren’t special order requests entertained?
A. Our main goal is to share with you authentic Japanese customs and traditions along with an authentic culinary experience. Here at Domo we sincerely care about the quality of service our customer’s experience. We prefer to decline service that does not serve this purpose. Our hope is that your dining experience will be memorable and educational.

Q. Does Domo take reservations
A. Domo does not take reservations. All parties will be seated on a walk-in basis.